Top Hadoop Development companies

Hadoop is associate open source distributed process framework that manages processing and storage for large information applications running in clustered systems.

It’s at the middle of a growing ecosystem of massive data technologies that are primarily wont to support advanced analytics initiatives, together with prophetical analytics, data mining and machine learning applications.

Hadoop will handle numerous kinds of structured and unstructured information, giving users additional flexibility for collection, process and analysing information than relative information bases and data warehouses offer. so this article will provide you application and the list of 10 top Hadoop development companies.

best hadoop development companies

Applications of Hadoop

• Managing traffic on streets
• Streaming processing
• Content Management and Archiving Emails
• Processing Rat Brain Neuronal Signals using a Hadoop Computing Cluster
• Fraud detection and Prevention
• Advertisements Targeting Platforms are using Hadoop to capture and analyse click stream, transaction, video and social media data
• Managing content, posts, images and videos on social media platforms
• Analysing customer data in real-time for improving business performance
• Public sector fields such as intelligence, defense, cyber security and scientific research
• Financial agencies are using Big Data Hadoop to reduce risk, analyse fraud patterns, identify rogue traders, more precisely target their marketing campaigns based on customer segmentation, and improve customer satisfaction
• Getting access to unstructured data like output from medical devices, doctor’s notes, lab results, imaging reports, medical correspondence, clinical data, and financial data.

List of 10 Top Hadoop development Companies

1) TokyoTechie

2) Amazon Web Services

3) IBM

4) Pivatol

5) Cloudera

6) MapR Technologies

7) HortonWorks

8) Hadapt

9) SuperMicro

10) Pentaho