Online Reputation Management Activities to Grow Your Business

online reputation management activities to boost your business online

Today, the word has moved to the digital media which makes a user to review and rate products which can spread like anything. Online Reputation is the most important factor to build your brand. A Good product can fail if your reputation in the market is not good. One must understand the costumers problems and find a way out to satisfy the customer. We have listed some of the Online Reputation Management Techniques one needs to take care to grow its brand value.

List of ORM Activities

1. Google Reviews

The 1st thing comes when you search for a product or a company is the google my business listing. These results are on the top of the search results with an attractive rating design. For converting a user to your customer these ratings provide you a boost and you can get easy calls from the google listings.

google my business online reputation management

How to fix Google My Business Reviews.

  1. Reply to your customers and ask them the problems.
  2. Find what really happened wrong and fix the issues.
  3. Send Apology to you customer and give them free rewards.
  4. Get Good Reviews.

2. SEO ORM Activities

Sometimes you can encounter some complaint forums, rating websites with some bad reviews when some one search for you with your brand name or the most profitable keyword. This destroys all your good work hence it is important to have your good results associated to your brand name at the top of the search engine.

How to fix bad search results.

  1. Find a good SEO Company.
  2. Tell them your problem about the bad search results.
  3. Usually a SEO company always provides ORM Services.
  4. The SEO experts will use the reverse seo technique and make some good articles rank on the top 10 results which helps your brand as 99% of the user only go with the top 10 results of the search engine.
  5. If you like to do seo on your own, you can learn seo basics from our article.

3. Business Listings

Listing business to different websites such as business directories, Yellow Pages, Company Profile Websites, etc are the most important ORM Technique which helps you to give a lot of visibility over the web. Business Directories usually have high DA, PA which ranks on the top results of the google.

Important Points to be taken care while listing

  1. Upload your logo and Brand Identity.
  2. Describe your services and add your past projects.
  3. Add your company’s Details such as number of developers, working hours, Working Days, etc.
  4. Never forget to add your contact no. and email id.

4. Social Media Presence and Reviews

The social media sites are making a huge impact in the digital world one false news if spread like a fire can destroy your brand value. So to avoid this one must have good social media reputation.

How to increase social media reputation

  1. Post good infographics / Videos daily on your social media network.
  2. Engage customers by giving special offers and discounts.
  3. Analyse your customer behaviour.
  4. Reply on negative reviews and get it resolved.

Hope this article will help you to build your brand with the ORM activities mentioned above if you have any doubts write us on